Unlocking the Night of Power: Surah Al-Qadr with Urdu Translation

Surah Al-Qadr with Urdu Translation is an important Qur’anic verse that mentions the Tanzeel night of the Quran. This surah describes the power, mercy, and greatness of good deeds. Humans should get lessons from this surah and appreciate the blessing of the night made by Allah.

Surah Al-Qadr with Urdu Translation

Surah Al-Qadr with Urdu Translation: Exploring the Night of Power

Surah Al-qadr is a special surah of the Quran which describes the blessing and importance of the tanzeel night of the Quran. This is the 97th surah of al-Quran and its translation is as follows:
Translation of al-qadr:

In the name of Allah, the most beneficent, the most merciful

  1. We sent down the quran in the night of qadr.
  2. And let you know how blessed the night is.
  3. This night is better than a thousand months.
  4. Angels and souls descend in it on the basis of the command of the Lord.
  5. this night was for you so that time for you to give a message of worship.

Surah Al-Qadr Explained: Urdu Translation and Spiritual Insights

سورة القدر قرآن کا ایک مخصوص سورة ہے جو قرآن کی تنزیل کی رات کی برکت اور اہمیت کو بیان کرتی ہے۔ یہ سورة القرآن کی 97ویں سورة ہے اور اس کا ترجمہ درج ذیل ہے

:سورة القدر کا ترجمہ

بِسْمِ اللَّهِ الرَّحْمَنِ الرَّحِيمِ

ہم نے اس (قرآن) کو شبِ قدر کی رات میں اُتارا۔
اور تم کو خبر دیں کہ شبِ قدر کی رات کتنی ہی برکت والی ہے۔
شبِ قدر کی رات ہزار مہینوں سے بہتر ہے۔
فرشتے اور روح اُترتی ہیں اس میں رب کی امر کی بنیاد پر ہر امر۔
سلام یہ رات تمہارے لئے ہی تھی تاکہ تمہارے لئے وقتِ عبادت کا پیغامی راہ دیں۔

Surah Al-Qadr with Urdu Translation PDF: Understanding the Night of Power






Discover the Benefits: Surah Al-Qadr with Urdu Translation Unveiling the Night of Power

The benefits of al-qadr are as follows:

  1. Reading al-qadr blesses fasting in isolation.
  2. Reciting this surah remembers the importance and value of night worship.
  3. Reading al-qadr increases the heart’s relaxations and increases man’s spirituality.
  4. The recitation of this surah gives hope to fulfill the wishes of the consummative.
  5. The reading and teaching of al-qadr leads to success in both the world and the hereafter.
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سورة القدر” کے فوائد درج ذیل ہیں

سورة القدر پڑھنے سے روزے کی تنہائی میں افطار کرنے کی برکت ملتی ہے۔

اس سورہ کی تلاوت کرنے سے رات کی عبادت کی اہمیت اور قدر کا واقعہ یاد رہتا ہے۔

سورة القدر کو پڑھنے سے دل کی پرسکونی بڑھتی ہے اور انسان کی روحانیت میں اضافہ ہوتا ہے۔

اس سورہ کی تلاوت سے آخرت کی تمناؤں کو پورا کرنے کی توفیق ملتی ہے۔

سورة القدر” کی پڑھائی اور تدبر سے انسان کی دنیا اور آخرت دونوں میں کامیاب

What is Surah Al-Qadr and why is it important?

Surah Al-Qadr, also known as the “Night of Power” surah, is a short but powerful chapter in the Quran. It describes a blessed night filled with angels and divine peace. The exact date of Laylat al-Qadr (the Night of Power) is unknown, but many Muslims believe it falls within the last ten nights of Ramadan. Understanding Surah Al-Qadr with a Urdu translation allows for deeper reflection and appreciation of this sacred night. By reciting and contemplating its meaning, Muslims can seek forgiveness, blessings, and a deeper connection with Allah (SWT).

Where can I find Surah Al-Qadr with Urdu translation?

There are many resources available online and offline to find Surah Al-Qadr with Urdu translation. Many websites offer the Arabic text alongside the Urdu translation, making it easy to learn and recite. Additionally, many Quran translations readily available in mosques and Islamic bookstores often include Urdu translations. Finding the right resource depends on your preference – whether you prefer a digital copy or a physical Quran.

Are there any benefits to reciting Surah Al-Qadr?

Muslims believe there are numerous benefits to reciting Surah Al-Qadr, especially during Ramadan. The surah emphasizes the significance of Laylat al-Qadr, a night filled with immense blessings and forgiveness. By reciting it, Muslims can seek a deeper understanding of this sacred night and strive to connect with Allah (SWT) on a more profound level.

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