Ya Nabi Nazre Karam Farmana Lyrics: A Spiritual Journey in Song

In the rich tapestry of Islamic music, Naat’s hold a special place. These devotional songs are heartfelt expressions of praise and love for Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), the revered founder of Islam. Among these Naat’s, Ya Nabi Nazre Karam Farmana stands out for its evocative lyrics and powerful message.

ya nabi nazre karam farmana lyrics
ya nabi nazre karam farmana lyrics

A Song of Devotion and Supplication

The title itself translates to “O Prophet, Grant a Kind Glance of Mercy.” This sets the tone for the entire Naat, which unfolds as a beautiful prayer directed towards Prophet Muhammad. The singer implores for the Prophet’s compassionate gaze and blessings, seeking his intercession and guidance on their spiritual journey.

Love for the Prophet’s Family

The lyrics hold a special place for the Ahl al-Bayt, the Prophet’s family. References to “Hasnain” (Imam Hasan and Imam Hussain) and “Zahra paak” (Fatimah Zahra) weave a thread of reverence and love for these revered figures within Islamic tradition. This highlights the interconnectedness and importance of the Prophet’s lineage.

Humility and Yearning

The singer expresses profound humility before the Prophet, acknowledging their own shortcomings and seeking his grace. They portray themselves as humble supplicants, standing at the door of the Prophet’s boundless love and mercy. This sincerity and vulnerability resonate deeply with listeners, fostering a sense of shared devotion.

A Community United in Love

“Ya Nabi Nazre Karam Farmana” transcends the realm of personal supplication. It emphasizes the profound love and connection that Muslims share with Prophet Muhammad. The lyrics describe this love as surpassing any other worldly bond, creating a sense of spiritual kinship among those who share this devotion.

Seeking Solace and Guidance

The Naat mentions the shade of the Prophet encompassing both worlds, symbolizing his enduring guidance and protection. This resonates with the desire for spiritual refuge and direction, a yearning that Prophet Muhammad’s teachings so beautifully address.

Celebrating Divine Light

The lyrics hint at the grandeur of divine gatherings and celebrations associated with the Prophet, such as Milad un Nabi (the Prophet’s birthday). This imagery evokes a sense of joy and spiritual connection, highlighting the importance of celebrating the Prophet’s life and teachings.

Intercession and Divine Mercy

The singer acknowledges the Prophet’s role as a mediator of Allah’s (SWT) grace. They seek forgiveness and blessings through his intercession, recognizing his special place in the divine scheme. This reinforces the significance of the Prophet’s character and his role as a bridge between humanity and the divine.

A Legacy of Faith and Identity

“Ya Nabi Nazre Karam Farmana” expresses a sense of pride and connection to the Prophet’s legacy. References to titles like “Ghous e Jali” and “Ausaaf e Ali” allude to the spiritual and moral teachings passed down through generations. This reinforces the enduring influence of the Prophet’s message and his role as a guiding light for Muslims.

More Than Just Lyrics

“Ya Nabi Nazre Karam Farmana” is more than just a collection of words. It’s a heartfelt expression of devotion, a yearning for spiritual guidance, and a celebration of the Prophet’s life and teachings. Whether sung in a gathering or listened to in solitude, the Naat serves as a powerful reminder of the love, respect, and gratitude Muslims hold for Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

Explore the World of Naat’s

If you’re interested in learning more about Naat’s and their significance in Islamic culture, there’s a wealth of resources available online and in libraries. You can also find numerous recordings of “Ya Nabi Nazre Karam Farmana” by renowned singers, allowing you to experience the beauty and emotion of the Naat firsthand. Let the music transport you on a spiritual journey and connect with the timeless message of love and devotion.

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What is the meaning of “Ya Nabi Nazre Karam Farmana” lyrics?

This soulful Naat translates to “O Prophet, Grant a Kind Glance of Mercy.” The lyrics express deep devotion and supplication towards Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). They delve into themes of love, seeking his blessings, and finding spiritual guidance through his intercession.

Where can I find the lyrics and translations of “Ya Nabi Nazre Karam Farmana”?

Many online resources offer the lyrics of “Ya Nabi Nazre Karam Farmana” in Arabic script and English translations. You can also find interpretations that delve deeper into the meaning and significance of each verse.

Are there recordings of “Ya Nabi Nazre Karam Farmana” available?

Absolutely! Renowned singers have beautifully rendered this Naat. Exploring these recordings allows you to experience the full emotional depth of the lyrics and connect with the message on a deeper level.

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