New Pashto Naat Sharif: Divine Poetry in Pashto

We have released a list of Naat sharif Pashto new. In which we have gathered Pashto. 11 the list of Naat sharif has been released, which is the favorite list of my Pashtun brothers.

Which includes the famous naat khwan. That’s it. In Pashto naat 2023, we have added a famous naat, although the new naat sharif comes everyday on youtube. In which we have gathered 11 naat sharif.

Pashto new naat is very famous in Pakistan. And more are seen. Pashtun people search on Google and watch the rituals of their choice.

School and seminary students love Naat sharif very much and in our homes, people download for children and store into mobile.

1: Da Madine KhuleHafiz Saad Ullah Jan
2: Goror makra insanaMuhammad Zohaib
3: A zama Haysta Nabi SWASalman Hassani
4: Sata da roze zyarrath la bya raglamMuhammad Zohaib
5: Spin Kafan Khor Chi Pa Nabi Akhir Zaman DaiMuhammad Zohaib
6: jabrail la nan mala janan rawalaameer maviya mashoom
7: Ay Nabi Khairul umamunknown
8:د ستاینې سرودNaat e SharifJaved Amirkhil
9: Aye Khoga PaighambaraFazal Malik
10: Khkole De Bazar Da madeeneHafiz Bashir Ahmad and Muhammad Imran
11: Zango Ke ZangedyAhsanullah Haseen










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