Madina ka Safar Hai lyrics full Naat with pdf

In the poetic verses of “Madina Ka Safar Hai lyrics the narrative unfolds into a profound spiritual journey, encapsulating a myriad of emotions and experiences. This lyrical odyssey serves as a tapestry woven with the threads of reverence, introspection, and the sacred allure of the holy city of Madinah.

A Pilgrimage Beyond: Unveiling the Sanctity of Madinah

The journey commences with the soulful words .مدینے کا سفر ہے. (Madina Ka Safar Hai), painting a vivid picture of a pilgrimage to the sacred city of Madinah. This spiritual expedition transcends the mere physical realm, delving into the depths of humility and devotion.

Echoes of Emotion: Navigating Through Despair and Awe

Each line echoes with a symphony of emotions – moments of introspective sorrow (“جبیں افسردہ افسردہ“) and the awe-inspiring experience of trembling steps (“قدم لغزیدہ لغزیدہ“). The metaphoric language employed creates a poignant portrayal, unraveling not only the physical journey but also the internal struggles faced along the path.

Metaphors and Contrasts: A Poetic Dance of Inner Turmoil

The verses delicately weave metaphors, such as .نظر شرمندہ شرمندہ. (Downcast eyes in shame), creating a tapestry of contrasts. The journey unfolds akin to that of a criminal (“چلا ہوں ایک مجرم کی طرح“). juxtaposed with the yearning for spiritual purity (“ہوا پاکیزہ پاکیزہ“). showcasing the inner conflicts faced on this sacred sojourn.

A Gaze into the Sacred: Searching for the Unseen in Madinah

The lyrical narrative takes a poignant turn as the narrator reflects on the enigmatic beauty of Madinah. The lines “نظر اس سمت اٹھتی ہے مگر دزدیدہ دزدیدہ. represent the thrash about to grab the blessed sensation, evoking a wisdom of reflective secrecy and yearning.

Yearning and Separation: Unveiling the Essence of Madina Ka Safar Hai lyrics

The heart-wrenching verses .فراقِ طیبہ میں رہتا ہے اب رنجیدہ رنجیدہ. resonate with the enduring pain of separation from Madinah, embodying an everlasting yearning for the blessed city. The passage, mutually substantial and religious, transcends the limitations of time, departure an ineffaceable mark on the spirit.

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Naat madina ka safar hai lyrics pdf

madina ka safar hai lyrics
madina ka safar hai lyrics
Naat lyricsmadine ka safar hai
Naat nasheed Siddique Ismail 
Related channelMarghoob Syed
issued dateSep 25, 2013

Conclusion: A Lyrical Tapestry of Devotion

Madina Ka Safar Hai lyrics weaves together a mesmerizing tapestry of devotion, where the physical and spiritual dimensions converge. This lyrical masterpiece stands as a testament to the universal human experience of seeking, yearning, and finding solace in the sacred embrace of Madinah.

What is the significance of Madina in “Madina Ka Safar Hai” lyrics?

The lyrics of “Madina Ka Safar Hai” paint a powerful picture of a spiritual pilgrimage to Madina, a revered city in Islam. This journey goes beyond the physical act of travel, transforming into a profound exploration of humility, devotion, and the transformative power of faith. Madina becomes a symbol of spiritual purity and divine presence, a destination that ignites a yearning for connection with the sacred.

How do the lyrics capture the emotional journey of the pilgrim?

The narrator’s emotions unfold like a symphony throughout the song. There’s a melancholic introspection (“جبیں افسردہ افسردہ” – downcast brow), a sense of awe that leaves them trembling (“قدم لغزیدہ لغزیدہ” – faltering steps), and a yearning for spiritual cleansing (“ہوا پاکیزہ پاکیزہ” – pure air). Metaphors like “نظر شرمندہ شرمندہ” (downcast eyes in shame) create a tapestry of inner conflict, where the desire for purity clashes with the weight of past transgressions.

What makes “Madina Ka Safar Hai” lyrics so enduring?

The beauty of “Madina Ka Safar Hai” lies in its ability to capture the universal human experience of yearning for something more. The lyrics express a deep longing for connection with the divine, a sentiment that resonates with people across cultures and backgrounds. The song’s exploration of inner conflict and the transformative power of faith creates a powerful message that continues to inspire listeners.

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