Mulana Idrees sahib bayan in Pashto

Mulana Idrees bayan

Mulana Idrees bayan is currently under consideration. Knowing Maulana Idrees’s documentary is very important. However, Maulana Idrees is an extremely religious and peace-loving individual. Currently, Mulana Idrees holds the position of a teacher in the Hakaneya Madrasa in Akora Khattak and serves as a speaker in a simple mosque. Maulana Idrees is currently the head … Read more

Unlocking Spiritual Guidance: Wazaif in Urdu from the Quran

Wazaif in Urdu

Wazaif in Urdu: The Quran, revered as the holy book of the Islamic faith, holds profound significance in the lives of millions worldwide. Revealed to humanity through the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him), its verses offer timeless wisdom and guidance for navigating life’s complexities. Within its pages lie specific instructions … Read more

Pashto Bayan MP3 and Videos: Download and Discover

pashto bayan

Pashto Bayan Artist دا ابوجھل او قارون ظلم او دا اللّٰہ عزاب Molana Shaikh Idrees Sahib sab tawajjooo jazbati full bayan mufti sardar Ali haqqani Rasool Ullah S.A Shan Mubarak Mufti Nadeem Sahb khazo bayan pashto bayan maulana bijligar خائسته او برکتي ژوند Sheikh Abu Hassaan Swati Pashto bayan Maulana TaRiq sahab HOZOOR a.s da … Read more